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This file is licensed under the terms of the expat license, see the file EXPAT.

 . Detect opensearch engines on sites:
 . Request network if not connected and re-open the url on success
 . Make cookie manager horizontal if the window is wide
 . Handle SSL like SSH: confirm any cert on first connection, warn about any change in subsequent connections
 . Support @run-at document-start:
 . Show New Window icon in statusbar for new-window links
 . Validate search engine tokens
 . Easily register stock items in extensions (mouse gestures, input-mouse)
 . Show graphical error when a bookmarklet fails to run
 . Implement no_proxy, https_proxy
 . Fix icons with white background to be transparent?
 . Visually indicate that a tab is being opened even if outside the visible tabs
 . Implement live bookmarks, see
 . Add a dialog (right-cick) to Addons, to edit @include and @exclude
 . Show URI in css overlay tooltips if statusbar is hidden
 . Statusbar/ transferbar doesn't show right-click menu
 . Consider pango_layout_set_auto_dir
 . Support max-age for Flash cookies
 . Implement "Open image" which opens an image with an external application
 . Add custom actions extension; example Set Wallpaper
 . Show loading tabs in the tab panel extension
 . Switching browser window: Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/PageDown
 . Switching panel: Ctrl+Alt+PageUp/PageDown
 . Bookmark folder context menu, "Sort by Name"
 . Adblock Block image: dialog to edit regex before adding
 . Replace "disable plugins" with showing a "load plugins automatically", where unchecking that keeps a placeholder that can be clicked to play
 . Show "Type an address or keywords to search" in empty location even when focussed
 . Show "Search hostname" in (can't resolve) error page, www.heyarnold.twotoastsde == typo?
 . Allow -e Set setting or so
 . Remember if inspector was attached or not
 . Icon in empty entry to paste from clipboard
 . Show suggestions in error page, ie. missing www. or www. not existing for a domain:
 . Warn when closing tab with unsubmitted form
 . Always allow popups, keep hidden, show icon to ask whether to show popups
 . Make Shift + Click download the link
 . Show a loading mouse pointer
 . Export of the bookmarks file, or using one from a specific path
 . Custom context menu actions, like in Thunar or Epiphany
 . Analogus to blocked popups, blocked scripts moving layers on load (extension)
 . Statusbar icon 'cookies blocked', icon 'popups blocked'
 . Auto-group tabs by opener, with colors?
 . Mark (dogear) a selection so that it isn't cleared implicitly, multiply on one page
 . Check specific bookmarks for updates automatically (extension)
 . Mark "new" as well as "actually modified" tabs specially (even over sessions)
 . Save screenshot of a document?
 . Right-click a textbox in a search form and choose 'add to websearch'
 . Honor design principle "no warnings but undo of backups"?
 . Support widgets 1.0 spec in tool windows and standalone?
 . Protected tabs prompt when attempting to close them
 . Optional http redirection manually or on timeout via SoupMessage::restarted
 . Style: none, compatible (b/w), default, [styles], "media", ["media" styles]
 . Mouse pointer coordinates in the status bar (extension)
 . Draw rectangle with the mouse, x/y/x2/y2 in the statusbar (extension)
 . Shared bookmarks and config
 . Prevent dead tabs: download, aborted page
 . In right to left pages the scroll bar should be on the left
 . drag tab between windows
 . zeitgeist extension to add history
 . kiosk mode:
 . Find Inline → <key> → Open selected hyperlink
 . open selected addresses in tabs
 . scrolling by just moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the window