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This file is licensed under the terms of the expat license, see the file EXPAT.

+++ Translating Midori +++

The recommended tool for translating Midori is Transifex, which is what all
Xfce projects use. It makes the life of translators and developers easier.
That said, it is also possible to manually create or update a .po file and
send a .po or .diff file via email or Flyspray.
Either way the following instructions should get you started.

There is no template in the repository. To create a localization template:

./waf build --update-po

You can use the same command in the future to update the template. It is
recommended to do that always before you update localizations.

If you want to add a new language 'aa', create it like this:

cd po
msginit -l aa_CC -o aa.po -i midori.pot
sed -i 's/PACKAGE/midori/g' aa.po

To check your language 'aa' for errors, do this:

msgfmt -c --check-accelerators=_ aa.po

To test your changes, run Midori like so:

./waf build --run

This is a convenience command that will setup localization in
the build folder so you don't need to install translations.

To run Midori in a particular language, run it like this:

LANG=fr_FR.utf8 ./waf build --run

As a general rule, your localization should be based off of the
current git repository or the latest midori.pot in git.

Some strings have comments, starting with 'i18n', which are meant
to describe the role of a string to translators.
Please don't hesitate to ask for additional descriptive comments
for any unclear strings that you are uncertain about.