AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-12Update changelog for 2017.1-1 releaseHEADdebian/2017.1-1masterSergio Durigan Junior
2017-08-12Update d/copyright and remove unecessary entries.Sergio Durigan Junior
2017-08-12Update Vcs-* links and use https instead of http.Sergio Durigan Junior
2017-08-12Bump standards version to 4.0.1 and compat to 10.Sergio Durigan Junior
2017-08-11Updated version 2017.1 from 'upstream/2017.1'Sergio Durigan Junior
2017-08-11New upstream version 2017.1upstream/2017.1upstreamSergio Durigan Junior
2016-06-19Update changelog for 2016.0-2 releasedebian/2016.0-2Sergio Durigan Junior
2016-06-19Bump Standards-Version; import project's public GPG key.Sergio Durigan Junior
2016-04-15Update changelog for 2016.0-1 releasedebian/2016.0-1Sergio Durigan Junior
2016-04-15Add debian/watch fileSergio Durigan Junior
2016-04-15Imported Upstream version 2016.0upstream/2016.0Sergio Durigan Junior
2016-04-15Merge tag 'upstream/2016.0'Sergio Durigan Junior
2015-08-01Update changelog for 2015.1-2 releasedebian/2015.1-2Sergio Durigan Junior
2015-08-01Fix issues with debian/copyright formatting (lintian).Sergio Durigan Junior
2015-07-26Mention dual-licensing of manpages; add Vcs-* directives to debian/controlSergio Durigan Junior
2015-07-26Imported Debian patch 2015.1-1debian/2015.1-1Sergio Durigan Junior
2015-07-26Imported Upstream version 2015.1upstream/2015.1Sergio Durigan Junior